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Hello, we're Sejda

About us

Sejda.com was launched in 2010, by Andrea Vacondio, creator of the popular PDFsam, and .

We're a distributed team, located in Reggio Emilia, Italy and Amsterdam, Netherlands

Open source

Sejda's engine is open source software.

We work hard to create high quality free software, which others can use and contribute to as well.

Sejda helps

Sejda has helped millions of users process terabytes of PDF files each month.

Our app has proven popular with teachers, so we made it completely free to use for education

What does Sejda mean?

It's pronounced /say duh/ and it means Silk in the italian dialect of Reggio Emilia

Write about us?

We put together a handy press kit, in case you're interested.

Thanks for helping us spread the word.

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