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Web Integrations

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Web Integrations

Integrate your website with our PDF tools

Open your files with our web tools

Open files from your website using our web tools (eg: the PDF editor).

Here are some use-cases:

  1. Allow clients to easily fill out your PDF form, using our editor.
  2. Allow clients to sign a PDF doc and send it back to you by email.
  3. Provide a simple way for your clients to crop your PDF templates.

Configure demo

Copy Click to try

Copy the above integration link and use it in your website or emails. Need help setting it up? Please contact support.

Developer Setup

Input files

Input files can be passed as a GET parameter, in JSON format.[{"downloadUrl":""}]

Above code displays unencoded JSON for readability. You'll need to URL encode the JSON value:

An array of multiple files is accepted for certain tools (eg: merge, compress).

Return by email

To receive the edited documents back by email add a returnUrl parameter to the URL:[{"downloadUrl":""}]&returnUrl=your@email.address

Remember to URL encode the email address value passed in:

Return to your website (webhook)

The user can return to your website after finishing editing, together with the edited document data.

This integration method is currently in closed Beta. Please contact support to learn more.

'Save to PDF' link for your web page

Let your visitors save web pages to PDF.


Copy and paste the HTML code below and add it to your web page:

Copy Click to try


No setup is required.
The web page URL to be converted is determined from the HTTP Referrer.

Want to configure the URL of the page being converted?

Want a specific page size?

Want a specific viewport width?
Name Description
save-link Web page URL to convert to PDF. Defaults to referring page the user is coming from (HTTP referrer).
pageSize One of the standard page sizes: a0, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, letter, legal or leave empty for one long page (default).
viewportWidth The width, in pixels, for the rendered HTML page. Eg: 1440
pageOrientation One of portrait, landscape or auto (default). Eg: auto

API reference

Access tools from your code

Hosted API, running on our servers.

Currently in BETA. This API is not production ready yet.

Endpoint URL

The API is organized around REST. We recommend using SSL encryption by issuing requests through HTTPS, however it’s not enforced.


Free to use within the free tier limits.
Paid API plans will be announced when going out of BETA.


Current limit is 30 requests per minute.
Need more? Please get in touch.


No account or api key required to get started with the free tier.


Convert HTML web pages to PDF documents.

Get started

Run this CURL command in your console:

$> curl -i\
  --fail --silent --show-error \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data '{"url": "",
           "type": "htmlToPdf" }' > csszengarden_com.pdf

Request headers

Content-Type: application/json

Body format

JSON format. Examples:

Example: convert URL to PDF:


Example: convert HTML code to PDF:

{"type":"htmlToPdf","htmlCode":"<strong>HTML<\/strong> rules"}


Name Type Default Description
url string optional Web page URL to convert to PDF. Eg: ""
htmlCode string optional HTML source code to convert to PDF. Eg: <strong>HTML</strong> rules
pageSize string one_long_page one_long_page or one of the standard page sizes: a0, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, letter, legal.
pageOrientation string auto landscape, portrait or auto.
viewportWidth integer optional The width in pixels for the rendered HTML page. Eg: 1600

HTTP response codes

200 All OK. Response contents will be the PDF document stream.
429 Rate limit reached.
400 Invalid request.
500 An error on our side.

Other PDF tools

API access for other PDF tools (crop, merge, compress, etc) is coming soon.

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