Sejda aide avec vos tâches PDF Une plateforme de PDF plus simple, plus agréable et productive

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Fusionnez les pages provenant de différents documents, réorganisez les pages si c'est nécessaire

Combinez et Réorganisez les Pages PDF

Diviser le PDF par pages

Divisez les gammes de la page spécifique ou extraissez chaque page dans un document différent

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Works on all desktop platforms

Online service works on all desktop platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux with the use of a modern browser.

Tablets and phones partial support with Google's Chrome browser.

Sejda Desktop is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Easy to use online service

Use from your browser, without installing any extra software.

Our servers process the PDF files for you.

Files are always uploaded over a secure connection. Remain private. Deleted after the task is complete.

Desktop alternative available

Working with business documents that you are not allowed to upload?

Use Sejda Desktop and process the PDF files on your computer.

Peace of mind privacy, for your business needs.

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