25 3 / 2012

New features launched!

Hi everyone,

We launched a new version of our merge, split and mix pdf files online application

Features added:

  • Split pdf files by bookmarks. Flexible options include deep level booksmarks, where you can select which level of bookmarks generates the split. If only part of the bookmarks are targeted, there’s an option to specify a regular expression to match only desired bookmarks.
  • Split pdf files by selecting page ranges or by simply splitting every (odd/even) page.
  • Merge pdf files. Plenty of options, you can choose a subset of pages from each file. We can add a blank page at the end of each merged set, to facilitate double sided printing.
  • Alternate and mix. Mix the contents of two pdf files, by alternating one page from each. Options include a configurable step to move from one input to the other, or reversing any of the input files.

So, happy pdf crunching, and let us know if you find things that are not working properly or can be improved.