31 1 / 2016

Process PDF files on premise with Sejda Desktop

Cloud services for processing PDF files are great. No software to install, works quick and hassle free. You’re done in minutes.

Files are uploaded over a secure encrypted connection and are kept private. From a privacy perspective, this is good enough for most people.

Sometimes though you need to work with files that have special privacy considerations. Client data, confidential information that you are not allowed to upload to a third party service. Business files that cannot leave your network.

For these scenarios you need peace of mind privacy.

We’ve build Sejda Desktop for this. It works offline. Files are processed on your computer.

Sejda Desktop offers the same features as the cloud service: the same tasks, the same friendly user interface.

Online or on premise: it’s up to you. Sejda Desktop is available for all PRO subscribers.

Download Sejda Desktop