12 6 / 2012

New features: Rotate and Encrypt/Protect pdf files

We released a new version of our hassle-free pdf manipulation webapp!

Features added:

Rotate: Rotates pages from pdf file 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Can choose between rotating all pages, every odd or even page, or specifying a single page to be rotated.

Encrypt/Protect: Password protect pdf files, requiring a password to open the file (called user password). Apply certain restrictions such as print, edit, copy, fill (which can be edited by an admin using the owner password). Choose between 128 and 40 bit, AES and RC4 encryption algorithms.

We also improved other parts of the website 

  • made it easier for you to send feedback, directly from the webpage, without emailing us, by clicking the blue ribbon.
  • added more details to failed tasks for which there’s a known reason: “Ops, the file is not actually a pdf”, or “Hmm, that document doesn’t have page 13”

Happy pdf crunching