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Feature update: Compress & Grayscale, keep high resolution images

We’ve updated our Compress PDF tool with two more options that you might find useful. Compress images to grayscaleWhen we’re compressing a PDF document most of the times the dramatic reduction in file size comes from optimising the images inside. Most of the times this is done by scaling down high resolution images to a lower yet reasonable quality. Most of the times images can be further reduced in size by converting them from colour to grayscale.

Easiest way to prepare multiple docs for an online application form

We’ve all been there: filling an online application form, having to supply documents along with the application form. The constraints are usually that a single file is uploaded containing all the personal details: the filled in forms, the supporting scanned documents, everything. Usually there’s also a file size limit of 5Mb. We’ll talk about how to do this as easy as possible. First, let’s break down the steps that are usually required.