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Brought to you by or ???

As you know we recently launched the first Beta release of our web interface for Sejda. is our effort to bring online all the nice pdf manipulation features offers. Now you may be confused, how are, and related to each other?
Quoting from the FAQ "Sejda is a Java library meant to simplify some common Pdf documents manipulations like split, merge, rotation..". It's like the center of our little pdf manipulation universe, it's the natural evolution and a complete rewrite of the pdfsam-console (the pdfsam component that provides all the pdf manipulation logic). It is written with more then 6 years of pdfsam and Java experience on our shoulders and it's (hopefully) much more stable, powerful and extendible than the pdfsam-console. is open source, free and it comes with a command line interface you can use to perform all the available pdf manipulations (starting from the most common split and merge till the new pdf to tiff conversion).
Pdfsam is the application most commonly used to divide or combine pdf files, it's open source and free and will soon use as core library for pdf manipulations. We are the authors of pdfsam.
It's our effort to bring online all the nice features of letting you split and merge (and more) your pdf documents online. It's still in its infancy (beta), it's moving first steps toward stability and we are working hard to improve it. It's currently free with some limitations on files size, you can use it and test it and send us your feedbacks or thoughts which are very welcome.
With we closed the circle, as command line interface, pdfsam as graphical user interface and as web interface.

Every feedback is much appreciated, feel free to drop us an email with your thoughts, ideas or opinions.