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Feature update: JPG to PDF

We’re added a few new options to our JPG to PDF converter. JPG is the most popular image format out there, but most of the image formats are supported: png, gif, tiff or bmp all work fine. Configurable Page Size If the default A4 page size is not a good fit, you can now choose another page size or have it fit the image size.  Configurable Page OrientationBy default we’ll auto detect based on the image dimensions if portrait or landscape matches better and use that.

Convert PDFs to Grayscale

We’ve released a new tool: converting PDF documents to grayscale. What it does is it converts all text and images inside the PDF to grayscale. In case you’re not sure what grayscale means, it’s something that used to be in full colours and is now represented by a range of grey shades from white to black, as used in a monochrome display. Use less (colour) ink when printingThe most common reason for converting a PDF document to grayscale is to consume no coloured ink when printing it.

Converting HTML to PDF

We’ve release a few new tools recently, one of them being a HTML to PDF converter. It’s currently in BETA, which means you might encounter an occasional bug or two. Also we’d love your thoughts on what features we should add. So let’s learn more about the features. Looks exactly like in your browserWhat you see in your browser is exactly what you get in your PDF.  No exceptions. Go ahead, give it a try.

Feature update: Compress & Grayscale, keep high resolution images

We’ve updated our Compress PDF tool with two more options that you might find useful. Compress images to grayscaleWhen we’re compressing a PDF document most of the times the dramatic reduction in file size comes from optimising the images inside. Most of the times this is done by scaling down high resolution images to a lower yet reasonable quality. Most of the times images can be further reduced in size by converting them from colour to grayscale.

Easiest way to prepare multiple docs for an online application form

We’ve all been there: filling an online application form, having to supply documents along with the application form. The constraints are usually that a single file is uploaded containing all the personal details: the filled in forms, the supporting scanned documents, everything. Usually there’s also a file size limit of 5Mb. We’ll talk about how to do this as easy as possible. First, let’s break down the steps that are usually required.

Feature update: Sign PDF

I want to share with you one of the latest updates to our PDF Editor: drawing signatures and uploading signatures.  Before you could already Sign PDF files by typing your name and a signature was generated for you. Now signatures can be added to a PDF document in two new ways: drawing the signature or uploading an image with the signature. It’s now easier to add a PDF signature to your document without printing, signing and then scanning.

Release notes: February

Release Notes is our update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. Here’s what we launched recently. Repair PDF documentsWe released a new Repair PDF task that can help recover data from a corrupted or damaged PDF document. A best effort attempt is made to find the PDF document structure and recover any pages that can be discovered.

Convert images to PDF

 Hello folks, We’re happy to announce a new feature added to our online PDF converter. You can now create a PDF document from one or multiple image files. We support many popular image formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. Images are resized and scaled to best fit the resulting A4 sized PDF document. Give it a try: Convert JPG to PDF Online Is your favourite image format not supported?

Delete PDF pages

Hello, We’ve just added a new feature: removing pages from a PDF document. It should be very quick and simple to use. Upload you PDF document and then select the PDF pages you want to remove. Click Delete pages and wait for the task to complete, then download your updated document. Delete PDF pages online

Convert PDF documents to Office formats

Hello folks, We’ve been busy working on a new set of features for Sejda PDF: converting to and from PDF to Office formats. Convert PDF to WordWe can help with converting PDF documents to Word format (.docx). Results are optimised for legibility, not for fidelity to the original layout. OCR for scans is not yet supported. The reverse action, converting Word documents to PDF is also available. Converting PDF to ExcelWe have added a task that converts a PDF document containing tabular data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Release notes: April

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. Here’s what we launched in April. Connected tasksLet’s say you want to merge few PDF files and then rotate some of the pages, and compress the PDF file at the end. Before you’d have to download the result from one task and re-upload it to the next.

New: Sejda’s Online PDF Editor

We’ve very happy to announce we’re improving our product with a new feature: editing PDF files online. PDF Editor For The WebWith our Online PDF Editor you can add text to an existing PDF file, add images, insert new pages or delete existing ones and highlight text. It’s as usual free to edit PDF files within the free user’s limits that apply to the rest of the website. We have a few more features planned for the PDF editor, including:

Sejda featured by Google Chrome Store

Hello folks, We’re happy and proud to share with you that our Sejda PDF was featured on the homepage of Google Chrome Store Sejda is a great tool for working with PDFs. Give it a try today.

Converting PDF documents to Word .docx format

Hello everyone, We’ve quietly released a PDF to Word converter, currently in beta. Our conversion algorithm focuses on PDF text document, optimising for legibility when creating the output Word document. This means that some complex layouts that look great in the original PDF will not be preserved in the .doc.  Text formatting and paragraphs, on the other hand, will be analysed and we’ll focus on preserving them.  Repetitive headers and footers like “Page 1″, “Page 2″ or “Title here - Chapter one”, “Title here - Chapter two” will be removed.

How to Crop PDF files online

Greetings friends, We’ve released a new feature on Sejda: cropping PDF files. This comes handy when you have a PDF document and you need to trim its margins or reduce the size of its pages. Once you upload the PDF document you’ll see a preview where the first 30 pages are rendered transparently one on top of the other, so it’s easy to figure out what is the minimal bounding box that matches all of them.

Open your Google Drive PDF files with Sejda

We’ve had integration with Google Drive for a while now. Instead of uploading a local file, you could just pick it from your Google Drive. But now things got even better. You can open your Google Drive files using Sejda right from the Google Drive UI. - Right click a Google Drive file, choose “Open with” - Then “Connect more apps” - Search for “Sejda” then press “ENTER” - Click “Connect”, then press “Ok”

Process PDF files on premise with Sejda Desktop

Cloud services for processing PDF files are great. No software to install, works quick and hassle free. You’re done in minutes. Files are uploaded over a secure encrypted connection and are kept private. From a privacy perspective, this is good enough for most people. Sometimes though you need to work with files that have special privacy considerations. Client data, confidential information that you are not allowed to upload to a third party service.

Resize page thumbnails

Hello friends! We’ve been busy working on a new feature: adjusting the size of the page thumbnails. The zoom feature is pretty neat, but the feedback we received from out users was that they could really use a way to increase the page thumbnail size. The thumbnail size, once changed, is saved and used next times as well. Hope you’ll find this little feature useful and it will make your PDF work even more productive.

Compress your PDF files online with Sejda

Howdy Sejda Fans, we have some great news to share. We’ve added a new task that reduces the size of PDF files. We’ve all been there: the PDF scans, the print-to-pdf document, the media brochure, the CV that needs emailing. Sometimes PDF files are too large. Our compression algorithm reduces the size of images to 144 DPI - which should be fine for web and emailing.  On top of that, the resources in the document are optimised so all that are unused are discarded.

Convert PDF pages to JPG images

Hey everyone, We added a new conversion to the Sejda web application: convert PDF to JPG . Given a PDF document, it converts each page to a high quality jpg image. Simple and straight forward! As usual, feedback is welcome! Let's make Sejda the best PDF manipulation app out there! Happy pdf crunching!

New features: Extract pages and Set header & footer

We released a new version where two new pdf manipulation tasks have been implemented and are now available for you to use. Set header and footer: you requested and we implemented. As its name suggests, this new task lets you add a label and/or a numbering as header or footer to your pdf documents. Some basic configuration is available and you can set the font type, font size, alignment...

Larger quotas, protected pdf support, merge file reorder and more

Lately we've been busy adding more features to Sejda. It's been a big release, so here's what's new: Quotas You talked, we listened. New size limit per file is 50MB, and there is a maximum of 10 files per user. If you want to upload an 11th file that's fine, but we'll remove the first one. There's also a limit of 50Mb for the total size of all input files selected as inputs per manipulation.

New feature: Set pages label

We released a new version of Sejda, the super-easy to use pdf manipulation webapp! There's a new feature added: Set Pages Label: This popular feature allows you to set different labels to pages in the document overview panel. Different numbering styles are supported, such as arabic and roman, uppercase and lowercase. A label prefix can be specified. Here's some examples: Thank you all for the feedback we received so far, keep it coming!

New features: Rotate and Encrypt/Protect pdf files

We released a new version of our hassle-free pdf manipulation webapp! Features added: Rotate: Rotates pages from pdf file 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Can choose between rotating all pages, every odd or even page, or specifying a single page to be rotated. Encrypt/Protect: Password protect pdf files, requiring a password to open the file (called user password). Apply certain restrictions such as print, edit, copy, fill (which can be edited by an admin using the owner password).

New version launched: 0.9.4!

Hi everyone, We released a new website version, fixing some recent issues related to file uploads on Internet Explorer/Windows platform. We noticed some of you were trying to manipulate pdf protected files, which are not yet supported. This release doen't bring support for that yet, but it does improve the feedback we give when protected files are used. More features coming, stay tuned! Thanks for trying out Sejda, your feedback is always apreciated! or ???

As you know we recently launched the first Beta release of our web interface for Sejda. is our effort to bring online all the nice pdf manipulation features offers. Now you may be confused, how are, and related to each other? Quoting from the FAQ "Sejda is a Java library meant to simplify some common Pdf documents manipulations like split, merge, rotation..". It's like the center of our little pdf manipulation universe, it's the natural evolution and a complete rewrite of the pdfsam-console (the pdfsam component that provides all the pdf manipulation logic).

Feature highlight: Split pdf by bookmarks

Some pdf documents have an outline on the left side, listing chapters and subchapters. This outline acts as a list of bookmarks, usually you can click on a bookmark and navigate to that part of the pdf file. Splitting by chapters So, let's say we would like to split this pdf file and create multiple pdf files, each containing one separate chapter. Using the app's split by bookmarks feature you can do that.

New features launched!

Hi everyone, We launched a new version of our merge, split and mix pdf files online application Features added: Split pdf files by bookmarks. Flexible options include deep level booksmarks, where you can select which level of bookmarks generates the split. If only part of the bookmarks are targeted, there's an option to specify a regular expression to match only desired bookmarks. Split pdf files by selecting page ranges or by simply splitting every (odd/even) page.